Organic is the way to produce delicious and varied food with respect for nature and without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. In addition to food this also applies to cotton or healthcare products. It’s all about living things: products which originate from plants or animals.

Integral sustainability and diversity are core issues. These are expressed in the four basic principles of organic agriculture: fair play, ecology, care and health. This is the only method of food production in existence that is based on these ideals and which is subject to legal regulation and control

Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture and foodstuffs is a special form of organic, with strict requirements in the areas of animal welfare, closed cycles and ecology. Biodynamic agriculture already existed in the Twenties and was the cradle of organic agriculture. Biodynamic products have Demeter certification.

What does biodynamic mean for agriculture?

In addition to organic norms, biodynamic farmers must comply with extra requirements. More importance is placed upon closed cycles. A complete reproductive cycle for crops and animals is also sought and attention is paid to spiritual and cosmic aspects.

Biodynamic products can be recognized by their Demeter hallmark. The Demeter Foundation is responsible for this. Biodynamic products are also organic and also carry the EKO hallmark.