Green Ways

Green Ways has been a subsidiary company of Green Organics since 2007 and is a classic example of how to oversee a production process. The sweet corn production company is involved solely with stripping the corn cobs. They are separated by Green Ways and the corn is stripped from the husks. The machines that perform this are located in Waspik in the Netherlands.

Green Organics is responsible for all the other tasks; supplying the seed, harvesting the cobs in September, contracting the sweet corn to the growers and transporting it to Green Ways. After stripping it, Green Organics supplies it to the preserving, deep frozen and baby food industries.

Green Acker

Green Acker has been active in the Netherlands since 2010. In collaboration with its partner Laarakker, Green Organics lends a hand to the traditional sector. Green Acker is a growing service organisation for the processing industry and performs many cultivation training activities. Flevoland in particular, with its high yield is a paradise for agriculture in the Netherlands.
Green Acker offers a complete service, from seed purchasing to delivering the product and is renowned for its delivery guarantee.

The organic sector is for the time being too small a part of the industrial market to make harvesting machines economically viable. By also harvesting the traditional sector, Green Organics can achieve higher profitability for its fleet of machines.


The Bio Academy connects the knowledge seekers in organic farming and food with the knowledge providers.

For this , an independent platform will be developed with access to / knowledge base for:

  • Farmers who want to preserve their business or to orientate on conversion
  • Farmers who are looking for farmers who can coach them
  • Farmers who want to participate after the conversion in study groups
  • Farmers who want to converse further to Bio-Dynamic
  • Companies that want to process, pack and/ or market organic products  
  • People who want to visit inspiring meetings and events where the knowledge about organic is central
  • Employees of organic farms and stores who want to gain knowledge about organic farming and food.