Who are we?

The growing organic sector needs transparency and continuity. It’s not a marketing problem, it’s a question of adapting. First we search out our consumers, examine the questions and monitor demand through guided production methods. This is absolutely essential as it concerns expensive produce and expensive production methods.

Total control over the production process leads to optimal adaptation, reliability and traceability for both our suppliers and our consumers. In collaboration with you we work towards the sustainable production and sales of organic products. An open and trusting relationship is the foundation for success!

Meeting the requirements and wishes of our consumers is our aim. We basically act as your problem solver. Problems always stimulate us to find solutions. And we usually do find them. You can be sure of that.

In addition to all this, Green Organics is fully involved in the sector. Jan Groen is chair of the Bio Trading committee of Frugiventa and he is the representative of the VBP (Vereniging Biologische Producenten en Handel - Association of Organic Producers and Traders) in the Arable umbrella organisation for outdoor vegetables organised by Bionext.