Green Organics

Green Organics

Green Organics’ team of experts brings growers and customers together. We make contact, agree on good prices and ensure that everything is sown, harvested, delivered and processed on time. Simply put: we take care of the entire chain, from ground to mouth.

Green Organics works exclusively with organic vegetables, potatoes and fruit. We are responsible for growing, processing and selling 50 million kilos annually.

We help farmers grow the products for which there is a demand, so that all crops are sold and eaten. We do this because we want to take good care of the earth and feed people with healthy food. And because the farmer and the buyer deserve fair prices.

' Green Organics turns
all links into one chain'


The team

Green Organics

Meet the team behind Green Organics. The team is divided into different departments: the management, the industry department, the fresh produce department and the administration department.

Jan Groen

CEO Green Organics Group
M: +31 (0)6-53 201 760

Perry Leemans

Purchase & Sales Manager
M: +31 (0)6-51 611 143

Ellen Walta

Finance Manager
T: +31 (0)321-385 340


If you think organic, you think Green Organics

Organic is all about health, ecology, honesty and care for humans, animals and the planet. Four aspects we fully identify with at Green Organics. Organic is the only form of food production that is built on ideals and is anchored in legal regulations and inspections. We grow in such a way that the food is nutritious, fair prices are applied and the soil remains healthy.

How great would it be if in 2030, we could abolish the label ‘organic’ around the world, because all potato, vegetable and fruit cultivation has then become sustainable? To get everyone involved, it is important to share knowledge, work together and connect people.


The mission of

Green Organics

Green Organics will be the European market leader in organic potatoes, vegetables and fruit in 2030. That is our ambition. Not because of the size, but mostly because of our dream to make the agricultural world one hundred percent organic. We want to have our positive influence reach as far as possible, as the green engine for the organic market.

But we cannot do it alone. That is why Green Organics invests a lot of energy into the warm relationships with seed producers, growers and byers. Together with the other parties, we continuously look at what can be improved. We are a partner to all involved parties.

Green Organics turns all links into one chain

Green Organics takes a central position between seed producers and growers on the one hand and buyers and consumers on the other. We market what the farmer grows. Or, better yet, we help the farmers grow what the market demands.

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