Green Organics turns all links
into one chain


Chain collaboration

The chain

Green Organics has a central position between seed producers on the one hand and consumers on the other. We market what the farmer grows. Or, better yet, we help the growers cultivate what the market demands. Everything farmers now sow has already been sold. This means the buyer has the certainty that their product will be created and the grower has the certainty that their product will be purchased. Green Organics connects all links like a director. We create a growing and harvest planning and transport the crops.

Transparency is essential. In our organic chain, growers know what products end up with what buyers – and what they think of it. This way, together, we can continuously adjust and continue developing throughout the entire chain.

At Green Organics, we greatly contribute to that further development. For instance, we organize product meetings and grower days. Our field managers tell the growers what requirements the harvests need to meet and share new insights, which growers can use to optimally grow their crops.
We also help create sowing and harvest plannings, bring the seeds to the farmer, come to harvest and transport the potatoes, vegetables and fruit to the buyer.

Preferably, we only have farmers grow what has already been ordered. Green Organics makes supply and demand line up perfectly and takes care of the contracts. However, for crops that already have contracts or for which there is no direct buyer, growers can also approach us. The goal is always: realizing fair prices and avoiding food waste.

Benefits for the grower:
– a stable bio growing plan
– certainty of sale
– debtor risk taken over by Green Organics
– information about and from the buyer

Benefits for the buyer:

– certainty in terms of planning and delivery
– high quality
– organic crops
– insight into the cultivation methods

Collaboration partners


Collaboration and support are very important to us. We consider ourselves as a true service provider. In consultation with growers and buyers, we create growing and sales programmes. Moreover, we maintain personal contact with suppliers, buyers and primary domestic and foreign producers. We always visit our (foreign) growers ourselves. It is this personal approach that creates an open communications process and makes our relationships more sustainable. This not only provides good results; it also ensures a pleasant partnership.

The following product coordinators have been appointed per product. If you are curious about the possibilities for organic cultivation of a certain crop, please feel free to contact the relevant coordinator for more information.

Download blank cultivation report here:

Sounding board group 2021:


Mr. Martijn Schieman


Mr. Jaco Burgers

Green Beans

Mr. Ard van Gaalen


Mr. Henk Westers

Sweet corn

Mr. Henk Klompe


Mr. Sjaak Twisk