Making the agricultural world
one hundred percent organic


Green Organics

Green Organics

Green Organics will be the European market leader in organic potatoes, vegetables and fruit in 2030. That is our ambition. Not because of the size, but mostly because of our dream to make the agricultural world one hundred percent organic. We want to have our positive influence reach as far as possible, as the green engine for the organic market.

But we cannot do it alone. That is why Green Organics invests a lot of energy into the warm relationships with seed producers, growers and byers. Together with the other parties, we continuously look at what can be improved. We are a partner to all involved parties.
We do what we say and we say what we do. Partly because of this, our chain partners are open and transparent. Growers know who they grow for and buyers can see what happens on the farm with their own eyes. Green Organics is the proud connector. Competition clauses are not in our vocabulary; we believe in everyone’s strength. Together, we are all at our best.

We also continuously work on our own process. Our field managers are at the forefront of organic production and cultivation. Our quality department streamlines the processes. And our commercial experts realize fair prices throughout the chain.
With the addition of young, ambitious employees, we keep our team fresh and up to date. Our team members get to learn for a lifetime. They follow training and courses that contribute to their personal development and strengthen the chain. Together, we make the world one hundred percent orgnanic. Green Organics. Together we care

Mission of Green Organics

  • Green Organics believes in the power of connected organic fruit and vegetable chains, by taking care of all links and having an eye for everyone’s interest in thee entire chain.
  • We achieve this with an ambitious, enthusiastic, warm, committed and reliable team of employees.

Corporate social responsibility
Green Organics contributes to the earth with its organic look on the world. Even close to home, we help society move forward by sponsoring local sports clubs:

Kamerkoor Kavóca Kampen (hoofdsponsor)
Voetbalvereniging Go Ahead Kampen (topsponsor)
Korfbalvereniging Wit-Blauw / Green Organics Kampen (hoofdsponsor)
Zeilteam Skûtsje Gerrit de Vries