‘Good contact contributes
to good collaboration’


Green Organics

Green Organics

Govert van Dis, organic farmer and horticulturalist, VOF of Dis Brooijmans in Oudemolen:

‘We are a large-scale grower. We grow many tons of crops. It requires a lot of work to sell and distribute all of that domestically and abroad. Green Organics takes all of that work out of our hands. That is convenient for us, but also for the buyer, because at Green Organics, they can buy all sorts of vegetables, fruits and potatoes from other growers as well.
Green Organics is correct in its administrative handling. Think of appointment confirmations and delivery notes. There is never any error in those. And the prices are fair. It is great to be able to trust in that, because the hardest part about doing business is being satisfied. There is no problem with that in the collaboration with Green Organics.

Moreover, it feels good at Green Organics. Their strength is that it is a large company, but appears small-scale. When they visit us in Brabant, we take the time to relax and eat a sausage roll together. That good contact contributes to the collaboration.
On the annual growers day organized by Green Organics, we talk to fellow growers and hear about what the market needs. For instance, that the coming season will require growing lots of green beans, peas and spinach.
Even if there are special circumstances, Green Organics is ready to help us. In 2018, it was extremely dry. Should you water the field or not? In such situations, it is great to be able to talk to other experts. Together, we ensure a good harvest.
And when a harvest is not as good as usual, e.g. if the shape of the vegetables deviates, then Green Organics, thanks to its large network, knows how to find a processor for it.’

Martijn Schieman from the bio-dynamic mixed arable farming and horticultural company De Zonneboog in Lelystad:

‘Within Green Organics, I am mostly in contact with Jan, Wilco, Perry and Robbert. Just like me, those guys have a farmer’s heart. They know how things work in the field, what needs to happen and what I need in order to grow. Jan knows the market like no other. He always has a destination for the crop. And that is great, because it means we can prevent waste.

De Zonneboog has 130 hectares of arable farming and horticulture. For certain crops, I create a cultivation planning together with Green Organics. The sale of those products also goes through Green Organics.
For buyers, vegetables are sometimes only interesting if they are offered in a substantial volume, together with other vegetables from other growers. Green Organics facilitates that collectivity for growers. This way, the entire chain is able to keep going. And that is what it is all about for organic growers.’